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We understand the distress and discomfort that can arise from cracked, broken, or otherwise compromised teeth. Whether you've experienced dental trauma or need a crown after root canal therapy, we are well-prepared to offer dental crowns that fit a wide variety of needs.

When you come to Dentology General, Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry seeking a solution for a compromised tooth, we always want to make you feel comfortable and listened to. Our team strives to manage any pain or discomfort you're feeling, and we streamline our services to provide efficient and effective treatment options. Our commitment to your oral health includes offering emergency same-day appointments whenever possible. Contact our practice today to discover how we can save damaged or infected teeth with beautiful, natural-looking dental crowns!


What Are Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns are caps made of durable materials placed over damaged or broken teeth. We carefully design these prosthetics to ensure they resemble your existing teeth and fit seamlessly into your smile. They encase the entire tooth and are attached with various body-safe adhesive compounds that hold them in place. Dental crowns provide strength, protection, and increased oral function, and they even enhance the appearance of your smile.

The Process of Getting a Dental Crown

Our team at Dentology General, Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry has fine-tuned our dental crown offerings. We'll work fast to determine the best way to address your particular situation. Our streamlined process for placing dental crowns generally takes place over three phases. Whether you require crown placement after a root canal treatment or have cracked a tooth while eating, our team always gives you the attention and compassion you deserve. The three phases of our treatment are:

  1. Oral Exam: During your initial visit, our dentist, Dr. Sally Hamarnah, will conduct a comprehensive oral examination to determine how to proceed with your problem tooth. This examination involves a detailed assessment of the compromised area, adjacent teeth, and gum tissue. Depending on your situation, we may utilize advanced diagnostic tools such as digital x-rays to get a complete picture of the issue. By gathering all the necessary information, we can determine whether a dental crown is the most suitable solution or if a more advanced treatment is needed.
  2. Cleaning, Repair & Temporary Crown: If your damaged tooth is deemed in need of restoration, we thoroughly clean and prepare it for the placement of a temporary crown. We'll take precision impressions of the affected area and send them to a trusted dental laboratory. At the lab, skilled technicians will carefully craft your permanent crown. Before you leave our office, we place a temporary crown to protect your tooth until the final restoration is ready.
  3. Permanent Dental Crown Placement: Once the dental laboratory completes your custom crown, you will return for the placement appointment. Our team removes the temporary crown, prepares the tooth, and then securely bonds the permanent crown to your tooth using advanced, body-safe adhesive compounds. This ensures a strong and long-lasting restoration you can rely on for years to come.

Compassionate Care With Emergency Crowns

Dental emergencies can cause significant stress and discomfort. When you face a dental situation like broken teeth or a tooth infection, our compassionate team is here to help alleviate your pain and anxiety. We strive to provide timely assistance and accommodate your needs as much as possible, including offering same-day appointments.

When you're experiencing a dental emergency, we recommend calling our office before coming in so we can coordinate the vital care you need. We aim to provide guidance and support, offering methods to manage your pain or discomfort until we can see you for an appointment. If you're calling after-hours we'll typically be able to see you on the next business day.

Caring for Your Dental Crown

To maximize the longevity of your new dental crown, it is essential to perform proper oral hygiene and maintenance practices. Our team will provide detailed instructions on protecting your crown and maintaining good oral hygiene when you come in for your appointment. Here are a few important tips to keep in mind:

Practicing Good Oral Hygiene: Brushing your teeth regularly, including your crown, is crucial for promoting optimal oral health. We will guide you on the appropriate brushing techniques that keep your new restoration safe. We'll also show you how to floss carefully around your crown to avoid loosening it.

Wearing a Mouthguard: If you engage in sports activities, wearing a mouthguard is highly recommended. It provides essential protection for your whole smile, including your new crown.

Avoiding Certain Foods: Avoid consuming hard or crunchy foods like candy or granola after the placement of your dental crown. Chewing ice is also inadvisable as it can harm natural teeth and dental restorations.

Dependable Dental Crown Services in Boynton Beach

At Dentology General, Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry, we are committed to helping you achieve a healthy smile you feel confident about. From restoring teeth after root canal treatment to addressing advanced decay or damage, our skillful application of dental crowns will help you regain your good oral health. We prioritize prompt and efficient care to get you out of pain and discomfort, and we are well-prepared to handle any emergency dental needs you may experience. Contact our practice today to schedule your appointment and discover how we can restore your smile with our dental crown services!



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